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STIGA Offensive Wood NCTSTIGA Optimum CARBO

STIGA Optimum 30  ITTF

STIGA Optimum 30 ITTF

Τιμή μονάδος (Τεμάχιο): €989.90

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Optimum 30
The Optimum 30 is the first table with a 30 mm thick top. As a consequence, the evenness and consistency of the ball rebound is unparalleled. The top is pre-treated multiple times and then coated with a special varnish to give just the right amount of gloss and the ideal frictional coefficient. The result is the truest possible bounce, even when balls are spun at the highest level.
30 mm fibreboard.
Optimum Bounce Technology.
Packaging in a double cartons.
Storage size:
W = 152,5 cm x D = 66,5 cm x H = 155 cm.
Weight: 146 kg.
EN-Norm: 14468-1 Class: A
Table systems:Handle Safety SystemCSS
Indoors use only

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